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TechOps is an initiative first founded in April 2017 by the ICANN Registrar Stakeholder Group (RrSG) to address technical and operational needs and challenges. In this process, it became clear that an additional joint initiative with the ICANN Registry Stakeholder Group (RySG) is necessary. Our mutual goal is to create an open space to exchange experiences, to discuss ideas, and ideally to create best practices. In September 2017, the RrSG and RySG kicked off the joint group with its first remote meeting. Since that time, we had many calls and face to face meetings, during those we have been working on many topics, such as Maintenance, Reports, Domain Transfers.

The work of the group focuses on technical matters, mostly related to registration related systems and services within the shared registry system (SRS), such as Extensible Provisioning Protocol ("EPP) or Registration Data Access Protocol ("RDAP") (as opposed to resolution-related services like Domain Name System ("DNS"), although they do overlap). We also work towards Universal Acceptance initiatives, such as EAI and IDN as they relate to the registration of domain names and the related provisioning and storage at registries and registrars.


Techops members come from the following companies

Members of gTLD registries and ICANN-Accredited Registrars that are contracted with ICANN (and participating as members within their respective stakeholder groups) can participate in the Techops activities, contributing towards evolving standards that enhance the reliability, security and integrity of the shared registration system (SRS). Below are some of the companies that are participating in Techops that have furnished their logos and permission to display them. Many other companies, such as Verisign, Amazon and Google also participate in their respective roles within the group activities.

Realtime Register
Turn Commerce
Newfold Digital
Private Label Internet
CORE Association


If you are a member of Techops and want your company's logo added, or are interested in joining in to our important work, and are a member of the RySG or RrSG and some of your software developers, product managers, or other colleagues from within RySG or RrSG member companies want to join or participate, please contact your respective Stakeholder Group Secretaries.

Publications, Papers, Projects and Presentations

Documents and best practices we are working on, or we are supporting

What is the workflow, and what are the next steps for our documents? It usually starts with a discussion, and then we begin drafting a first paper, which we iteratively improve. If we think it is good enough, we are publishing it. We usually discuss the work we are supporting, and then we provide feedback.

Internet Standards and Best Practices Development

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) related

These documents are related to EPP and include maintenance, mapping, transition, and more.


Registry Maintenance Notifications for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)
  RFC 9167
This document describes an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) extension called "Registry Maintenance Notification" which is used by EPP servers to notify EPP Clients and allow EPP clients to query EPP servers regarding maintenance events. The RFC can be found at this link RFC9167.


Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Secure Authorization Information for Transfer
  RFC 9154
This RFC, introduced December 30, 2021, provdes definitions of operational practices that define Strong Randomness, Time-To-Live/TTL, and Hashed string storage to enhance the security of Authorization Information (Auth Info) Codes. The RFC can be found at this link RFC9154.


Registry Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)
This document describes an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) mapping for provisioning registry zones (e.g., top-level domains) in a Domain Name Registry. The attributes of a registry zone include the features and policies of the registry zone.
The current status of this work is within IETF.


Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) related

These are related to RDAP and include access, field and structure definitions, or other standards / drafts and development of best practices related to the technical function and formatting of RDAP.


Redacted Fields in the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Response
This document describes an RDAP extension for explicitly identifying redacted RDAP response fields, using JSONPath as the default expression language.
The ability to redact data within RDAP was defined in ICANN's Labelling Policy, and this updates that specification to make it more clear where a field is redacted (as opposed to empty) within the RDAP response informaiton. The operator of an RDAP service will be able to make field by field definitions. The benefit of this becoming standardized comes to those who need to interpret the RDAP result fields correctly and consistently (machines and humans).
The current status of this work is within IETF.

New Transfer Process

  in progress
In 2018, GDPR affected the gTLD transfer process (among other things). Currently, we discuss how to improve the domain transfer process to be smoother, securer, and GDPR compliant in the future, and plan to provide ongoing feedback and review to a working group that is reviewing the Transfer Process.
The current whitepaper, which presents our proposal for domain transfers, is on Google Docs.
A diagram showing a comparison between the TempSpec and our suggestion is on Google Drawings.
A Transfer Review Scoping Team was formed by the GNSO. This team published their report on 6 April 2020 on the GNSO website.
Currently, the GNSO is reviewing the transfer procedure through a PDP that is based upon the input that TechOps provided. Techops will be participating in providing feedback on the Transfer Review, and there are Techops members participating in the ongoing work of this group. View Working Group.
[Also see Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Secure Authorization Information for Transfer RFC9154 Above.]


Simple Registration Reporting

This documents describe a Simple Registration Reporting. It is based on the work we have done in the past.
The current status of this work is on IETF
These are the documents that have been absorbed in the above-mentioned document:
Reporting Repository - IETF
Report Structure - IETF
Transaction Report - IETF
Premium Domain Fee Report - IETF
Domain Inventory Report - IETF
Domain Drop List Report - IETF
Unavailable Domain Report - IETF
Contact Inventory Report - IETF
Host Inventory Report - in discussions

Current IETF Regext WG Drafts

Correspondance and Letters sent to ICANN

07.05.2018 – Reply to ICANN's response to CPH TechOps' updated proposal on GDPR Impact on Domain Name Transfers and Registrant Contact Changes   PDF

01.05.2018 – CPH TechOps Letter on GDPR Impact on Domain Name Transfers and Registrant Contact Changes   PDF

08.03.2018 – GDPR Impact on Domain Name Transfers and Registrant Contact Changes   PDF


The group usually meets up remotely every two to four weeks (depending upon the outputs of the various policy development processes within the ICANN community, standards evolutions within the IETF, etc) and virtually or in-person at ICANN Meetings 🄰 and 🄲 as well as the GDD/GDS Summits. We also have a mailing list for regular interaction, correspondance and peer assistance.


03.2022 – 73nd ICANN Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico [virtual] 🄰

10.202172nd ICANN Meeting in Seattle, USA [virtual] Joint IETF RegExt / CPH TechOps Meeting [Virtual] 🄲

03.2021 – 70th ICANN Meeting in Cancún, Mxico [virtual] 🄰

11.201966th ICANN Meeting in Montreal, Canada 🄲

05.2019ICANN GDD Summit 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand

03.201964th ICANN Meeting in Kobe, Japan 🄰

10.201863rd ICANN Meeting in Barcelona, Spain 🄲

05.2018ICANN GDD Summit 2018 in Vancouver, Canada

03.201861st ICANN Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico 🄰

10.201760th ICANN Meeting in Abu Dhabi, UAE 🄲


TechOps is an initiative of the ICANN Contracted Parties House, comprised of the Registry (RySG) and Registrar (RrSG) Stakeholder Groups. If you would like to join in, volunteer or have any further questions and you are qualified through membership in the RySG or RrSG, please contact your respective stakeholder group secretaries or techops representative about participating.


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